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A Well Trodden Path (Outdoor)

Past Holland’s

A Well Trodden Path explores the heritage of mass paths in the townland of Lackagh in Co Galway. For decades parishioners from outlying homes journeyed across fields to celebrate mass. A web of 15 mass paths was mapped out. Fragments of old tracks, stiles and footbridges were pieced together with the recollections of older parishioners. 

The paths were walked in all weathers. A parishioner recalled taking the path with her sister and friends. It took about 2 hours. She wore her old raincoat and shoes. Across her arm she carried her good clothes to change into; after mass she changed back. 

Caitriona Dunnett photographed traces of these paths. She converted her photographs into contact negatives creating and then toning cyanotypes with tea, a favourite of many who walked the paths. Dunnett layers her work. She is drawn to this process and how it relates to the years of footfall across the fields and the many stories attached. 

This is a partnership project Caitriona Dunnett, Dr. Hilary Bishop, Lackagh Museum and community.  Visitors can view the exhibition on the external walls of Galway City Museum. 

Photographic Exhibition​


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