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Chalice Veil, Dominican Order, Galway

From our Dominican Collection, an embroidered red silk chalice veil with red silk lining which dates to the late 16th – early 17th century.

The Dominican Sisters established a community in Galway in 1644, residing originally at New Tower Street, now St. Augustine Street. After fleeing Galway during the Cromwellian occupation of 1651/2, Sisters Mary Lynch and Julian Nolan returned from exile in Spain in 1686 and re-established a convent at the Slate Nunnery, Kirwan’s Lane, where Busker Browne’s is now.   In 1845 the Sisters moved to the Convent at Taylors Hill, Galway.

Acquired: Donated
Museum Reg: GCM2011:011:006
Location: Storage

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