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Hat Boxes from Moons Department Store, Galway

Museum Reg: GCM2008:008
Location: Storage

Two cylindrical cardboard/wooden boxes with lids which were used to transport hats to ‘Messers Alex Moon Ltd., Eglinton Buildings, Galway, Eire’ from the manufacturers, ‘J. Woodrow & Sons, Ltd., Stockport, England’. Dating from 1954, the customs declarations on the boxes note that one box contained ’11 gents soft fur felt hats’ valued at £11 2s 4d (about €290/£265 today) while the second contained ‘9 gents soft fur felt hats’ valued at £8 6s 9d (€217/£199 today).

Moons Department Store was located at the corner of Eglinton Street and William Street, where Brown Thomas is now. Known as Eglinton Buildings, the three-storey department store was built c. 1870. The shop opened originally under the name Farquarson, later becoming Farquarson and Moon, and then Alexander Moon Ltd. (from an article ‘Elegant streetscape’, Galway Advertiser 2015).

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