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Crucifix, Dominican Order, Galway

Museum Reg: GCM2022:006
Location: Storage

Silver crucifix made by Richard Joyce in 1710 for the Dominican Sisters, Galway.    

From the Hearth Money roll for Galway in 1724, Richard Joyce was known to have resided in Shop Street, Galway and from the marks on various pieces, was producing silverware from 1691 until at least 1737 – Joyce also used the mark for Galway town, an anchor in a shaped stamp (Mulveen 1994, 51; Ticher 1977).  Some of the earliest Claddagh rings also bear the initials of Richard Joyce. According to tradition, Joyce learned his trade from a Turkish goldsmith.  Having been captured en route to the West Indies by an Algerian corsair or pirate, Joyce was purchased in Algiers by a wealthy Turk who taught him his trade.  Joyce eventually returned to Galway where he established his own goldsmith shop (Hardiman 1820).

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