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The Old Galway Diary – Episode 59

In this episode of the Old Galway Diary, Tom Kenny is looking at the history of Higgins garage and car sellers.  Ronnie O’Gorman is looking at Thomas Whelan, a young man executed by the British in 1921.  For further information on the killing of Thomas Whelan refer to this article from the Galway City Museum blog.

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The Old Galway Diary podcast is available every week on the Advertiser Podcasts, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

It is brought to you in collaboration with The Galway Advertiser and features two of Galway’s finest writers and storytellers, Ronnie O’Gorman and Tom Kenny. Elaborating on topics they have covered in the paper in the Galway Diary and Old Galway section, and many other aspects of Galway life and history, they bring their inimitable style to allow you relax, listen and enjoy.



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