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Galway City Your Council Podcast – Episode 11

Galway City Council have recently launched their ‘Galway City – Your Council’ podcast series, sharing insights on the range of services, projects and people in the local authority.

As the local authority for Ireland’s third largest city – a leader in culture, education and business – Galway City Council is delivering services for a population of 83,456, with a 2023 revenue budget of €113 million, and a capital budget of around €5 billion over the next decade.

Local authorities provide over 1,105 services, across areas as diverse as beach maintenance, dog pounds, health promotion, strategic planning, tourism promotion, and housing supply. This series will introduce some of the people delivering these services, and the valuable work they do every day in our city.

The podcast series highlights the many services local authorities provide and the important role local authorities play in the social and economic life of the area. It also serves to celebrate the people who work in local authorities, the valuable work that they do every day and the difference that they make.


Episode 11 – Eithne Verling, Director, Galway City Museum

In Galway City – Your Council episode 11, Fergal speaks with Eithne Verling – Director of the Galway City Museum and Co-Curator of the current MONUMENT exhibition.

Eithne is committed to providing an open museum that welcomes diverse communities and engages with them on their interests and stories. She is also committed to presenting compelling narratives through the museum collections, exhibition programme, events and community engagement programme and strategic partnerships. At a fundamental level, growing up as she did in a family of creatives, Eithne has a strong belief in the transformative power of art and creative thinking – essentially the power of the imagination, to find solutions to the challenges that face everyone – big and small.


You can listen to the full series of Galway City Your Council here:



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