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‘A Pattern in Connemara’ (engraved by H. Griffiths after a picture by W. H. Bartlett), from The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland, 1842.

St Patrick and Connemara

Maumean or Mám Éan – ‘the pass of the birds’ – is one of the two main passes through the Maumturk mountain range, the old boundary between Connemara proper and

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Irish goats. Courtesy of Tourism Ireland

St Patrick’s Goat in Galway

In early biographies – reflecting the biases of the writers – St Patrick was said to have blessed some Irish families and cursed others. This tendency was carried over into

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Withered rush tips in Connemara. Photo by Brendan MCGowan

St Patrick’s Parasomnia

Parasomnia is a word used to describe unusual or erratic behaviour while sleeping. In 1937, the Irish Folklore Commission recorded a fascinating story about St Patrick’s parasomnia from James Reagan

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The Ballad of Michael Hoade

‘The Ballad of Michael Hoade’ was composed by Tommy Farrell of Carraun, near Belclare, Co. Galway sometime in the 1920s. It recounts the story of Michael Hoade, a Caherlistrane shopkeeper,

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TREATY 100 Project

On 6 December 1921, a party of Irish and British delegates signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty in London. The Treaty and circumstances around its signing were the subject of enormous controversy.

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