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This image is of the North Galway Brigade of the I.R.A. and the text with it is the topic covered by this podcast, the Civil War in Galway.

The Civil War in Galway Podcast

On 20 January 1923, six months into the civil war, four anti-treaty IRA Volunteers from Galway – Martin J. Burke (25), Hubert Collins (23), Stephen Joyce (29), and Michael Walsh

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Image of the place where the execution of Galway men in Athlone took place.

Execution of Galway Men in Athlone

The Irish Free State executed thirty-four anti-treaty republican prisoners in January 1923; to put this figure into context, the British authorities executed twenty-four Irish republican prisoners between November 1920 and

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The Burning of Castlehackett House

The burning of Castlehackett House, near Tuam, was carried out one hundred years ago tonight, by anti-treaty IRA.  Historian Terence Dooley has noted that there was a dramatic increase in

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War of Friends – The Film

On Saturday 3 December 2022, Galway City Museum ran a short talk series on the subject of the new exhibition, ‘War of Friends, 1922–23: the civil war story of Pádraic

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